Video Testimonies

We hope you are encouraged as you view some of the testimonies of members of ELC.

Just click on the videos below to watch their testimonies.

LIFE TRANSFORMED: Ricky has gone from the gangs and the casinos of London, to the pulpit, by the grace of God. Ricky's life was destined for prison and destruction before he gave his life to Jesus. Now, the Lord is using Ricky to help those who are prisoners. He also serves as an Elder at ELC.

SALVATION: Although Stephen came from a stable and loving home, he longed for something more. What he failed to find in the world, he found his greatest joy in a relationship in Christ Jesus. Having gone through a painful divorce, he has since remarried and grown in his desire for God.

HEALING: Roz shares about her complete healing from a long lasting leg injury while attending one of our midweek Pulse Group meetings. There truly is power in the Name of Jesus!

SALVATION: From the strict discipline of her childhood, to the loving discipline of the Lord, Fran shares her journey which ignited her passion for evangelism. Once receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit, she found herself being set free from fear and living unashamed of her faith in Christ.

HEALING: Despite being the Pastor of a budding church, Matthew explains his battle with depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Through the intense mental storms he has battled against, he has come through by standing on the truth of the Word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Despite the countinous bullying he encounted due to his faith in Jesus, Luke shares his testimony of how the Lord set him free from anxiety and panic attacks.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Svajune shares an encouraging testimony of how Jesus transformed her life, giving her a fresh hope for her future. 

SALVATION: From a life addicted to Cannabis, as well as a failed marriage, Steve's encounter with Jesus radically changed his life and his future. Steve shares his journey as to how God put the nail in the coffin to his old life, and made him a new creation.

HEALING: This is the incredible testimony of Ann Guest, the mother of Pastor Matthew. Originally recorded in 1991, Ann shares in detail how Jesus transformed her life. We have also included subtitles which were not available in the original recording.

We pray that you will be blessed by this amazing testimony. Also, please share this video with your friends. It may just transform their lives.