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Pulse Groups: The Heartbeat of the Church...

Do you want to reach a new peak in your relationship with God? If so, join one of our Pulse Groups. To find out more, speak to one of the Pulse Group leaders on a Sunday.

Pulse Groups are our mid-week meetings, which take place in people's homes. We liken these meetings to a living body's pulse, which is the ripple or vibration of the heart beating. Doctors can tell the health of people's hearts by checking the pulse and when our heart stops beating, we are pronounced dead. 


Jesus said that He is the life. We want Pulse Groups to be a place of care, openness and fruit, where we can encourage each other and ensure we keep the heart of Jesus in all we do. Jesus is the heart of His church; so all the time we stay in sync with Christ Jesus, we know we are in a place of health.

Tony Adeoye & Yomi Adeoye

Tony & Yomi oversee the Pulse Groups in Effective Life Church, as well as leading their own Pulse Group in Gravesend. They have a real passion for small groups and love seeing people grow in their knowledge and understanding of the Word of God. Having led small groups themselves in different churches over many years, Tony & Yomi not only coordinate the groups but are also planting new groups and equipping leaders. The aims of the groups are to help believers grow, to spend time in worship and build relationships on a deeper level than just a Sunday smile. If you are interested in joining a group, see Tony & Yomi and they will introduce you to a group that will be best for you and your family. The new Gravesend Pulse Group takes place on Wednesday evenings from 8:00PM. 

Ricky Grovsenor & Jade Grosvenor

Ricky & Jade's Pulse Group meet on a Thursday evening from 7:30 PM at their house. They have two sons: Jacob & Jude. Ricky & Jade have led a successful Pulse Group in their home for some time. It has been a joy to see those attending the group growing in their gifting and also relationally with one another. The goal of the Pulse Group is to mature people in the Word and to deepen their relationships together.

Liam Anderson & Jo Anderson

Liam & Jo head up their Pulse Group on a Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM in their home. They have three young children: Amelia, Jayke and Olivia. Despite the busyness of raising a young family, Liam & Jo have a desire to serve within the body of Christ, opening up their home on a weekly basis so they can be a blessing to the congregation. 


Effective Life Church's Pulse Groups are a place where people who love the Lord get together in homes to eat, fellowship, strengthen, build and encourage one another by studying the Bible. Pulse Groups bring together happy, fun-loving Christians, who desire to live the scripture in John 10:10, where Christ promises us abundant life.

Pulse Groups are the direct response to the daily grind of living. 2 Corinthians 2:11 states that we are not ignorant of how the devil works. People just want to be loved and appreciated, encouraged and assisted when the going gets tough. The devil, on the other hand, seeks to isolate people in order to depress and deflate and destroy them.


Pulse is there to ensure that instead of being swallowed up under the pressures of life, we are equipped to excel at living abundantly. Through the Pulse Groups, we seek to live our lives in accordance with the Bible, giving glory to God and lifting the name of Jesus above all else.

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